Small Activations

Our range of LOUNGER structures (4x4 and 5x5) are perfect for pop-up activations where space and budget is limited but where your presence still needs to be seen.

Medium Activations

Our range of CROSSOVER marquees (6x6 and 8x8) perfectly suit medium sized activations where space and budget is a little higher, perfect for exhibitions as well.

Large Activations

Our range of HEXADOME marquees (100m2 and 175m2) are perfect for creating a buzz and stopping traffic - period.



Private Events

Our marquees are used for all types of applications, including a weather-protected DJ space with dancefloor, made better by internal projection mapping

Corporate Dinners

Nothing will WOW your employees or guests such as a bespoke lunch or dinner venue housed underneath our amazing marquees. Mount TV's to display topics of conversation.

Red Carpet Events

Red carpet events as synonymous with high-end and luxury, so what better way to hold your red-carpet event under our truly stunning marquees.




That one special day. Not only your photographer and videographer are there, but every guests has a smart phone. Make sure your wedding looks spectacular for years to come.


In a sea of standard, unflattering and boxy exhibition stands, we guarantee you'll be noticed, stand out and be very easy to see and find.

Field Days

Field Day events attract tens of thousands of people. How do you stand out amongst a crowd? Starting with Wow Marquees Hire is a great first step to help you be seen.

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